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Alford Imaging, a Professional Photo Lab

Alford Imaging was one of the first 100% digital photo labs in the country. With more than a decade of digital photo processing experience, you can count on Alford Imaging to provide you quality photographic portraits and service items. Our streamlined work-flow assures you a quick, dependable turn-around on all of our products and services.

“Alford Imaging provides professional full-service imaging. We specialize in Promotions, Schools, Sports, Proms, Dances and Novelty Items for independent photographers with emphasis on customer service, technical support, and attention to detail and quality with every intention of exceeding our customers’ expectations.”

Orders to Alford Imaging may be submitted in many ways.

You may send in a CD or DVD with instructions.

Use sending images and instructions to

Load images to our FTP site.

Our most common and recommended method is to use ROES. The ROES catalog will always contain the latest products and pricing.

Photolynx users may submit their Imagematch or Camlynx jobs.

We also partner with SimplePhoto for online hosting. The workflow is great for photographers that want to customize and control their own workflow and product offering. When you Host with SimplePhoto you collect all funds and orders are submitted directly to us for processing.