Alford Imaging, Submit Your Digital Images Electronically

Are you looking for a way to decrease the turn-around time to your customers? Have you ever wanted to submit a lab order immediately? Is "Next Day Air" not fast enough?

Alford Imaging is proud to offer the Remote Order Entry System (ROES) to our customers.

This FREE service allows you to submit your order directly to our lab from your computer via the file transfer protocol (FTP) process. This method is faster, more reliable and safer than emailing your images. You will be able to send hundreds of images quickly and won't face possible bandwith and transmission limitations with your ISP.

ROES also allows you to custom crop your images to your specifications.

Note: This software runs on the Java platform. Java will be first downloaded to your system if needed.

To use the software, simply select a folder containing your images with the folder icon on the right. The software will create thumbnails of your images. You may enlarge these images to help you with pose selection. Drag the image on the right to the size you have selected on the left. You may then rotate, zoom (crop, in 1 degree increments!) and position your image. Simply select the quantity you want and click add to order and that’s it! When you are finished with your order, click review order to get a printable and editable list of your order. After you click complete order you will get your send options: Send now via the internet Save for sending later via the internet Save to disk for alternate delivery. Recommended for dial up users. ROES also supports automatic updates. All new features and updates are loaded each time you launch the software while connected to the internet.